Journal History

Iperstoria is a project born in 2000 on the initiative of Alberto Battaggia, former president of the Verona Literary Society, who decided to create an electronic magazine providing high level scientific and academic contents by university scholars and experts in humanities. The magazine thus started publishing essays, interviews and reviews by Italian and international authors, with a peculiar focus on contemporary history and culture.

In 2006 Roberto Cagliero, professor of Anglo-American Languages and Literatures at the University of Verona, became chief editor of the magazine. Iperstoria, with a new, blog-like website, gained national acknowledgment and welcomed academics from various Universities in its editorial staff.

Alberto Battaggia is now managing director.

At the end of 2012 some of the features of the magazine were redefined: first, it was transformed into a six-monthly online multilingual journal with its own ISSN; moreover, from then on each issue has been structured on a monographic or special section, accompanied by a general one including essays, reviews, interviews, and translations of unpublished materials.

The first issue of Iperstoria’s new six-monthly series, devoted to English language and literature, US literature, and literature from English-speaking countries, came out in February 2013 with a renovated website. While wishing the magazine a productive and stimulating future, we want to thank all those who supported this project since its very beginning, in particular the editorial staff and the authors who contributed with their research, studies, reviews and translations.