Iperstoria welcomes submissions for a new special issue to be published in Spring 2022.

Sonia Di Loreto, University of Turin
Andrea Carosso, University of Turin

With this special issue, tentatively entitled “Coastlines, Oceans, Rivers of North America” we will probe how the land/water boundaries of North America are home to complex cultural dynamics, and can be seen as laboratories of cultural and social experimentation.

We would like to expand on this idea, and address the historical formation of North-American coastal and waterway cultures as sites where encounter, exploration, exploitation, and experiment in integration have constantly been shaped by impending crisis and threats of environmental disaster. The shorelines and waterways of North America, inhabited by more than a half of that continent’s population and for many centuries a focal point in the continent’s historical, social and economic transformations, now find themselves at the forefront of the unfolding climate crises, that are both re-shaping geographies and re-inventing cultural practices.


The publication date has been set for May/June 2022. With this date in view, we envisage the submission of 4,500-8,000 word articles by early January 2022. Articles submitted may be part of a larger work in progress to be published at a later date. We are unable to accommodate previously published work, though we are open to newly commissioned articles on any of the topics above.

If you would like to submit a proposal, please send a 300 word abstract to and NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 4, 2021.