Ecology in Canada: Sonic Waterscapes, Literary Waterways, Photo-Lyric Water Soundtracks


  • Carmen Concilio University of Torino



Literary Ecology, Canadian Studies, Soundscape, Water, R. Murray Schafer, A. Michaels, M. Creates


In this essay I intend to demonstrate how soundscapes might be harbingers of environmental crises and, consequently, how literature translates those same soundscapes and the stories they have to tell. While exploring soundscapes as theorized by Raymond Murray Schafer (1933-2021), one of the most renowned Canadian composers and communication scholars, this contribution also aims to detect his influence on Canadian writers and artists in their literary and creative renditions of Canada’s most characterizing waterscapes.

Author Biography

Carmen Concilio, University of Torino

Carmen Concilio Full professor of English and Postcolonial literature at the University of Torino: Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Modern Cultures. She is the recipient of Canada-Italy Innovation Award 2021 with the project COVID & Us. Seniors Letters to the Future. Texts, Memory Maps, Mémoires au temps de la COVID. She is President of AISCLI ( and she has recently published Imagining Ageing. Representation of Age and Ageing in Anglophone Literature (Transcript 2018) and New Critical Patterns in Postcolonial Discourse. Historical Traumas and Environmental Issues (2012). She has co-edited Trees in Literatures and the Arts. Humanarboreal Perspectives in the Anthropocene (2021). Her research fields are the literature of Canada, India, Australia, South Africa and the Caribbean; Migration, Diaspora, Human and Environmental Rights, Arts and Digital Humanities


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