Il meticciato nell'Italia contemporanea. Storia, memorie e cultura di massa

Tatiana Petrovich Njegosh


While race is being dismissed as a scientific category, it exists as a socio-symbolic category producing racializing dynamics which heavily affect the life, opportunities and death of racialized people at a global level. Together with material repercussions, race simultaneously engenders performative and symbolic effects. Both in Italy and abroad, dominant approaches have been based on true/false-real/unreal binaries (Winant), recently put into question by different, interdisciplinary perspectives. As many scholars argued and the current debate on citizenship furtherly demonstrates, contemporary Italian identity is still built on colonial and Fascist racial beliefs and interdictions. A silenced, invisibilized taboo in the public, institutional debate as well as in the official memory of the nation, racial miscegenation is a crucial and problematic issue within the mass popular culture of the last thirty years.

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