I luoghi e gli spazi del pensiero della Scholarly Communication

Michela Donatelli


The paper focuses on the history of the Open Acces Movement, from a viewpoint which lets “spaces of thoughts” emerge in the places of the scholarly communication. From this perspective, indeed, the domain of the Library and Information Science shows aspects that are proper of the philosophical speculation. The essay analyses the ethical, political and philosophical implications of the Open Access instances that have the same language and the same episteme of postmodernity: this allows a dialogue between technological and digital aspect and humanist wisdom. The Open Access not only represents a technical innovation, but it also takes advantage of digital environment in the field of scientific dissemination, deeply changing the communication of knowledge itself. In this way, it also transforms the professionals of information, as they become researchers placed on the side of "who takes word" for desecrate knowledge and return it to the community.


open access; library and information science; intellectual property

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.13136/2281-4582/2018.i12.341


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