Developing Students’ Translation Competence and Intercultural Awareness through Subtitling: A Didactic Proposal

Micol Beseghi


The aim of this paper is to highlight the validity of subtitling as a pedagogic tool which can have a significant impact on the improvement of various skills, ranging from translation to the acquisition of socio-cultural knowledge (Díaz Cintas 2008) and intercultural awareness. Specifically, it describes a didactic proposal based on the integration of interlingual subtitling into university general translation courses. The audiovisual materials used in the project include a variety of films and TV series, with a main focus on multilingual films. The didactic project was carried out with a class of language students who were asked to engage in subtitling activities involving specific translation problems, including the rendering of language diversity and variation (i.e. ethnolects, dialects, sociolects, accents, language varieties, idiolects, etc.), cultural references, slang and taboo language. Such multimodal translation tasks can improve students’ awareness of the role of the translator as a cultural mediator, while fostering the development of strategies related to audiovisual comprehension and audiovisual translation, promoting at the same time students’ intercultural awareness.


linguistics; translation studies; teaching; intercultural awareness; film translation

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