Made in Italy Provides the American Market with Added Value: A Linguistic Analysis of Wine Websites

Sara Corrizzato


The various programmes promoted by the Italian government in the last two decades have strongly contributed to disseminating agri-food Italian products around the world, forcing Italian producers to review locally-based assumptions and set new plans of action that aim at presenting their products to foreign audiences and convince them to buy. Among the many strategies that have emerged, recent approaches have generated what nowadays is popularly known as the “Made in Italy” component. The contribution aims at analysing the official websites of sixteen Italian Wineries to investigate whether, and to what extent, the promotional representation of the products - and its intrinsic image given by their origins – faithfully reproduces the Made in Italy conceptual framework, contributing to transmitting the aforementioned values associated with Italy and its socio-linguistic habits. Therefore, a pervasive use of words related to the concepts of authenticity, quality and artisan craftsmanship should be present. Data were collected from sixteen official Italian winery websites, chosen from the 2017 Wine Spectator’s top 100 wines list.


tourism; wine industry; Italy; United States

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