Il gangster movie postmoderno e la decostruzione della mascolinità tradizionale in Terapia e pallottole (1999), Un boss sotto stress (2002) e Cosa fare a Denver quando sei morto (1995)


  • Nicola Accattoli



This paper focuses on the deconstruction process Italian American masculinity has sustained for the last three decades in American cinema and television. For this essay, we will take into account three underrated movies: Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead (1995), Analyze This (1999) and Analyze That (2002). After a brief theoretical introduction, intended to present a new model of masculinity called “mascolinità contemperata”, the essay will proceed with the analysis of the texts, aimed to show how Italian American masculinity in movies has changed, adapting to a social reality where gender equality, although far from being fully achieved, is slowly becoming a reality. In this scenario, the Hegemonic Masculinity model theorized by Raewyn Connel is no longer viable, hence the shift towards “mascolinità contemperata”.
Finally, by examining Analyze That in detail, it will be made clear that another deconstruction process, simultaneous to that of the masculinity, is taking place: that of the gangster movie as a genre.


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