Strategie ed esperimenti-pilota per la didattica delle letterature straniere nel mondo puntozero. Il progetto Open Literature

Cristina Trinchero, Silvia Ulrich


The current guidelines as far as education programmes promoted at local, national and European level insist on the necessity to develop strategies and approaches which may benefit from digital resources. Thus, students will develop critical awareness in the use of the Web, exploiting and developing its instruments to access texts and study materials, and to produce innovative forms of written production. The Open Literature project (, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Turin) carries out experimental initiatives which intertwine research and teaching, involving both university and high school students. This paper intends to resume and draw a critical balance of the didactic experiments performed so far within the project, all of them concerning the application of digital resources to Italian and foreign literatures as well as to the history of ideas and poetics: digitally annotated texts; written production of new textual forms in Italian and in foreign languages (Twitterature); re-use of literary and paraliterary texts in the public domain through wiki resources.


digital humanities; literature acquisition

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