La valle dell’Eden: Steinbeck, Kazan, Latella

Vincenzo Maggitti


The following essay interprets Latella’s theatrical version of Steinbeck’s novel (La valle dell’Eden) as an opportunity to reconsider some key elements of the literary text whose recognition in American Studies has been neglected up to a recent time. In order to do that, the author has also drawn from film theory, mostly concerning Cinemascope, as it was the technical, and blatantly commercial device that mainly contributed to rewrite characters’ relation for the screen in Elia Kazan’s movie with the same title (East of Eden). In the last part of the essay the focus is on how epic theatre surfaces among the intermedial perspective, connecting the building of a house on stage with the metaphorical construction of the text in Steinbeck’s rewriting of American history and its biblical foundation. 


American studies; Steinbeck; cinemascope; adaptation studies; theatre studies

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