Myth in Black: Revisionismo ed epica in Django Unchained

Marta Cafiso


This article aims to investigate the role of the German mythology in Quentin Tarantino’s revisionist western Django Unchained (2012). According to the following analysis, the director uses the western formula and aesthetics to characterize Django as a black cowboy in the antebellum south. However, while portraying the protagonist as a renovated champion of a displaced West, Tarantino resorts to the German epic in order to make Django an iconic hero like Siegfried, German emblem of morality and masculinity. As in the German legend – where the knight goes on a quest to rescue his beloved and prove his heroic skills –, Django overcomes several challenges to be finally recognized as an uncontested hero, emblem of manliness, strength, and moral.


Quentin Tarantino; Django Unchained; western; German mythology

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